Bring your idea to life in the hands of the angels

bring your idea
to life in the hands
of the angels

Turn your business idea into reality with expert knowledge and advice from our Business Angels.


how does it work?

We provide assistance in all areas of business development.

No matter what stage your idea is at, we can help.

Let us know a bit about your business idea and where you need help, and we will then contact you to give our initial feedback on your idea.

All ideas submitted to the Business Angel Group are managed in confidence.

The angels

The Business Angel Group consists of a founding membership of experienced business people, most of whom are successful in their own right, across multiple industries and professions.

Our Group is constantly expanding with new, vetted professionals that add value to our network.


become an angel

Would you like to become an Angel?

If you have ever thought to yourself that you could ‘give something back’ and help others to realise their own dreams, then why not become an Angel?

We are constantly looking for more Angels and all you have to do for now is tell us a bit about yourself, including how you think you could help and give us an insight as to what areas of business and what industry you have expertise in.


Why do we do this?

Who are the Angels?

Are you curious about how and why we’re here? Click below to see our FAQ’s or even to submit your own question to us.


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